Social sciences and Humanities: between constant/ static and changing/ change

Social sciences and Humanities: between constant/ static and changing/ change

Konya/ Turkey-26/28 July 2022

Online + Attending conference

The International Centre for Social and Human Research and Studies-ICSHRS
in parternship with
The Turkish Centre for Global and Area Studies (TIGA)/ Necmettin Erbakan University-turkey
The Security Dimensions Team in Algerian-African Relations (PRFU) / University of Algiers 3
Laboratory of means of communication and health security / Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences / University of Algiers 3
The first International Seminar entitled
Social sciences and Humanities: between constant/ static and changing/ change
Konya/ Turkey
26/28 July 2021
Online + Attendingconference
The president of the seminar
Dr. Abdelmoumen Abdelaziz
The general supervisor of the seminar
Doç. Dr. Gökhan Bozbaş
The President of the scientific Comitte
Prof, Aicha Boukerissa
The President of the organizational comitte
Dr. Dr. Cherifa klaa


Studying the problematic of social sciences and humanities with all its variables in order to analyze the phenomenon related to these fields is quite difficult. That is why; researchers found it highly important to solve this complexity or at least try to clarify it; since these phenomena reflect on different political, economic, cultural and social levels. In this context; a number of contributions surfaced to develop a critical and epstimological understanding for the numerous research questions. This seminar aims at defining a methodology to study both social sciences and humanities which are as far away as possible from subjectivity; for choosing a good methodology facilitates the process of extrapolating the social phenomenon and verifying its hypotheses in a scientific way to explain it, find solutions to it, and predict it.
The enormous evolution in the scientific field allowed for knwoldge to be trasformed into sciences; for instance, studies done by the physicist Werner Heisenbergcontributed immensily in developping other sciences and creating deep epstimological discussions; by going from the logic of inevitability to the logic of relativism, giving a strong impetus to the emergence of the social and human sciences.
The discussions surrounding the topics and approaches that the social and human sciences can adopt have shown a difference in the perceptions that study the various phenomena belonging to these sciences, and this is due to the complexity and intertwining which distinguish the human behavior. For example; When the physicist and mathematician

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